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Where do you want to be more efficient?

Tool Management System

Save time locating your valuable equipment and reduce the cost of replacing mis-placed items.

  • Assign tools to jobsites and to personnel
  • Use your smartphone to scan barcodes on tools and badges
  • Assign due dates at checkout

Fire Extinguisher Inspection

Automate inspections. Capture data on your smartphone. Eliminate inefficient paper handling.

  • Scan barcodes for easy data recall and entry.
  • Collect monthly and annual inspection data & signatures
  • No missed units during inspection

Renewable Energy Systems

"Prosumer" is someone that is both a producer and a consumer of energy

  • Renewable energy sources such as roof top solar make this possible
  • Solar and wind are rapidly growing distributed energy resources

the connected business


Mobile Applications for the Intelligent Enterprise

Tool management, asset tracking, fire & life safety inspections and delivery tracking are job junctions that can reap tremendous efficiency gains from the use of smartphone and cloud computing technology.

Intelligent Loop develops affordable, simple mobile applications that help you do your job, then gets out of your way.

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Whatever size your organization, there has never been a better time to adopt mobile technology.